Born in the Bend

Sometimes it takes time for an idea to take hold, sometimes it happens instantly. Regardless of the case, wherever you decide to plant that seed you need to nurture it. A few years back Blockhouse Coffee & Kitchen rolled out a t-shirt with the phrase “Born in the Bend.” We thought it was darling and went running out to buy one for our kiddos as well as any other baby or child we knew that we could get it to. It was awesome, and now that I think about it, my kids have outgrown theirs and need new ones. Someone remind me?

Anyways… we all loved the phrase “born in the Bend” but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago a group of small business owners sat around and we decided it applies to more than babies. It applies to the blood, sweat and tears of folks right here in Fort Bend. The planters, farmers, community builders, gathers who work to bring an idea to life and share with all of you. Many of us love to support the small businesses in the area, but #borninthebend is striving to connect you with people behind it. Why should you care about Gina’s Acres? Because day in and day out she is hauling 50 pound sacks of feed and moving chickens all over her property to get them enough green space to thrive and give us all eggs. Three Sisters Farms in Needville is beholden to the weather forecast daily. Tomatoes and green beans care about the weather. We all know it is hot and sticky, but the care that goes into picking buckets of wild mustang grapes in the pouring rain to make jelly?! I know you wouldn’t catch me doing that… but Jen and Peg do it because we all remember the grape jellies our grandmothers would make.


Zach at Mercy Goods is constantly connecting with the high schoolers he works with, just yesterday sending out a plea for a bicycle for one of his employees who needed transportation desperately. #BornintheBend is a way for us to communicate all of this to you, for you know what is going on right here in our little corner of the world.

Richmond (and Fort Bend County) has been my home my whole life. It is my husbands, and his family’s for a generation or two. We love raising our kids here, just removed from the crazy hustle and bustle of Houston. We love knowing all of our neighbors and their kids, but we understand that many of you are new to the area. And we want to welcome you to our home. Fort Bend has so much to offer, it isn’t just a home to Sugar Land and Richmond, in fact it is still a huge agricultural area. It wasn’t long ago when 90A was miles and miles and miles of row crops. So lean in to our little grass roots movement of community. Go check out Three Sisters Farm on the Farmstand Sundays at Blockhouse. Go see Gina at the Sugar Land Markets and get fresh eggs and grass fed beef. Order a three little pigs from Chris at Renegade Kitchen when he is parked out front of Braman Winery. And the minute Mercy Goods is open let’s storm the store and show them some love.

Anytime you want to know anything about our little neck of the woods, don’t hesitate to ask. We love that you are here and want to welcome you in.