Turkish Rugs Galore

Let’s talk about Turkish rugs, shall we? They are a passion of mine.... they instantly add character, color, and drama to a room. They can tell a story and provide plenty of interest from an art stand point. The craftsmanship that goes into each one is staggering. Each rug can take months to make, each strand of thread being double knotted. The double knot is what separates the Turkish rug from others from that side of the world. It can create stunning optics of a light and dark side of the rug because of those little knots. Stand on one end of the rug and the rug takes on a nearly maroon hue, walk to the other and it is instantly a mauve.

Savas makes the trek yearly from Istanbul to the States and drives all over throwing rugs and seeing friends who have visited over the years at the Grand Bazaar. We laugh and call each other “my Turkish brother” and “his American sister,” but it is true. Our love of these carpets runs in our blood and when folks come and see us at The Guild we both approach it as if we are meeting a long lost cousin when they fall in love with a particular Kilim or Oushak. 

Now, I realize I can wax poetic about these rugs for quite a while, but let me take the opportunity to tell you about the different styles you could see with Savas. There are the kilim rugs. These are flat woven, perfect for indoor or outdoor, and can take a beating. They come in a variety of styles, including the baklava and quilted styles. Many of these are woven with traditional motifs like the running water for protection.

There are the “tree of life” rugs which vary in both color and design depending on the region they originate from. Wedding rugs are easily identified by the fringe on the rugs as well. If a fringe is tasseled and tightly wound it is a rug made by the bride’s family and shows her... ahem... innocence.  There is the life in balance motif and my personal favorite, female dominance…Hands on hips.

All this and more will be at The Guild October 9-11 with my dear Savas Savas!