Love + Phaedra = Encaustic waxy Goodness

Opening The Guild had a secret motive. I had made a friend that I wanted to spend more time with. She was a REAL artist. She spent her days holed up in a studio drinking pots of tea and creating worlds within wax. If I opened a space to create art I wanted someone to breathe magic into it. 

The Beekeeper,  Phaedra Taylor

The Beekeeper, Phaedra Taylor

I knew just the person. Phaedra was born in Norway and grew up in Scotland. She knew all about magic. Not the hocus pocus kind, but the kind you find when hiking through woods and come across a wildflower patch, or surrounded by trees laden with moss and everything is still and quiet. She knows how to respect the subtle magic and bottle it in a way. To preserve it and encapsulate it to remember always. She takes this magic and layers beeswax over it. Blows fire onto it. Carves into it. And she is here to teach you.

Phaedra Taylor

Phaedra Taylor

This ancient art has a name, encaustic, and has been around since the 5th century BC. It is created with layers and layers (and layers) of pigmented wax. Sealed with fire and carved into. Contemporary artists have furthered the art and included different ephemera and papers. Phaedra’s own portfolio includes folklore, modern themes, and nods to ancient practice- and is bringing her art workshop to The Guild this November. 

You get to spend the day with her doing her favorite things, sipping pots of tea and discovering what is hiding in each layer of the wax. It is a retreat of the best kind- surrounded by other artists who you and bounce ideas off of, creating something wonderful during the moments of quiet. Come out and join us ... you know you want to!

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